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There is a place at RPCC where your gifts and talents can be used and greatly appreciated.  You can 'get in' where you 'fit in.'  We're looking for a few good folk.

"Altar Call" Prayer Team

This ministry reaches out to those who have responded to the "Altar Call" and need to know what to do next.

Armor Bearers

Men and women of valor, assigned to care for, watch and protect our shepherds during the services. By Invitation Only


Bibles, books, music, gifts, tape lending library, cassette and CD production and much, much more. Featuring products, packaging and promotion of our ministry staff.

Care Groups

An outreach ministry that cares for the members of RPMC through personal fellowship in a more intimate setting. Those who open their hearts and homes to connect with others and meet the needs in a one on one environment.

Children's Church

An environment that focuses exclusively on your children, introducing them to worship and teaching them the Word of God by example and demonstration.


A creative ministry that interprets our love for the Lord and His Word through the art of dance, by using the whole body as an expression of love and gratitude for all He has done for us.

A creatie ministry that interprets the Word and our love for the Lord though the art of drama. Plays, skits, comedy and any performance that conveys everyday circumstances and profound truth through the art of staged performances.

When you look at your church and see how lovely everything is—remember that it doesn’t get that way by itself. Much love and labor goes on behind the scenes in order for our ministers, members and visitors to enjoy a clutter-free environment to hear the Word of God and receive a touch from Heaven.


Militant Evangelism is one of the main pillars of RPMC. This ministry provides soul-winning training and opportunities for street witnessing. We have been given the power to be a witness and to show forth the glory of God in our love and testimony.


 Warm greetings to all who enter with a personal touch and a great smile. Our team of greeters want everyone who comes to this church “feel” the love of God before they even take a seat in the Sanctuary. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

His Healing Hands

A group of dedicated ministers who visit those in the hospital, nursing home, or those who are convalescing at home and unable to attend regular church services.

Marriage Ministry   
A ministry that helps build strong marriages and strengthens the covenant of Holy Matrimony. We want to “stamp out divorce” by educating and equipping couples to stand secure and endure.

Media Ministry

A ministry dedicated to providing visual enhancements through media presentations during worship services. Digitally records, catalogs and preserves messages for posterity.

Men’s fellowship   

A men’s fellowship that meets monthly to provide an atmosphere to build strong bonds and equip them to become faithful men of God, better husbands, fathers and sons through the Word of God while enjoying a hearty breakfast.


Musicians and singers who prepare the atmosphere for receiving the Word of God. The ministry of Praise and Worship is ordained by God, to run in front of His great army to secure the victory before the battle even begins. Every praiser is an example of Godly character both in church and in their daily activities striving at all times to “be privately everything they appear to be publicly.”


A ministry called to 24-7-366 prayer. These prayer warriors intercede for our government, pastors, ministry leaders, members and the nations.

Singles' Ministry

The unmarried, divorced or widowed who find purpose and fulfillment with others who are living victorious lives with their significant other—Jesus Christ.


Providing an atmosphere that is attentive to the pulpit, during and after the church services. Helping to keep a peaceful environment for the ministry of the preached Word. Helping in the parking lot, comforting and assisting parents of crying babies, serving the congregation during the tithes and offering, attending the prayer lines and distributing communion — these ministers are equipped to serve.

sister’s fellowship

Providing discipleship training for women who want to grow in the things of God in a mentoring class that is prophetically based and establishes women on the course of excellence. When women are broken, the world is a sad place to live. This ministry is geared to discipling and mentoring women to a place of power and wholeness.

Youth Ministry   

Youth ministry designed to teach the teens about the Lord, using creative means to nurture their own relationship with the Lord. An ancient message with a contemporary flavor.


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